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About Course

The course involves advanced professional learning in Website Design concept, HTML & JavaScript, Adobe Fireworks /

Photoshop, Flash for Design & Web Animation, Swish, Action Script, Adobe Premiere, Dreamweaver, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Different types of Web Page Design and Assignment & Portfolio Building.


Unit 1 Unit 2
Designing and Planning Web Pages Creating Pages with HTML
Website Evaluation and Rubric Creation Pre-Coding
Surveying the Possibilities Pre-coding
Developing a Website Evaluation Tool Basic HTML Markup
Color Theory Elements of Tags
Color Theory in Web Desi Essential Tags
Selecting a Color Scheme Common Tags
Web Standards & Accessible Design HTML Lists
Web Standards Unordered Lists
How People with Disabilities Access the Web Ordered Lists
Planning a Website Nested Lists
 Organizing a Website Creating Links
Linking to Pages Within Your Website Linking to External Internet Sites
Unit 3 Unit 4
Creating a Data Table Graphics
Creating a Data Table Introduction to Web Graphics
Formatting Web Pages with Style Sheets Introduction to Web Graphic
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets Copyright Law and Graphics on the Web
Anatomy of a Style Creating a Web Photo Album
Applying Styles Understanding Web Graphics
Applying Styles to Data Tables Acquiring Images for Web Graphics
Page Layout Techniques Cropping and Resizing
Layout with CSS Adding Images to Your Web Page
Layout with Tables Creating Navigation Buttons
Unit 5 Unit 6
Basic Shapes and Colors Overall Site Design and Management
Working With Text Website Navigational Systems
Layer Basics Testing the Usability of Navigational Systems
Optimizing GIF Images Creating Your Own Navigational System
Creating a Web Page Banner Using an external style sheet
Basic Image Manipulation Linking to an External Style Sheet
Selection Tools Stylizing a Navigational Menu
Layer Effects and Blending Scripts and Server-side technologies
Unit 7 Unit 8
A Simple Javascript Program Scripting and the Web
Validating a Website Controlling Style using Web Authoring Software
Validating Your HTML CSS and Web Authoring Software: Controlling Presentation
Validating Your CSS Site Management using Web Authoring Software
Validating Your Accessibility Overview of Site Management Features
Introduction to Web Authoring Software Client Website
Creating a Web Page using Web Authoring Software Client Website
Basic Features of Web Authoring Software Planning the Client Website
Constructing the Client Website Quality Control of the Client Website
Unit 9 Unit 10
Introduction to Websites Corel Draw & Photoshop
Introduction to Web Technologies Introduction
Protocols and Port Numbers Tools
Domain Names, DNS and Domain Creating Business Cards, Logos
Client and Server Software. Creating Brochures
Static, Dynamic and Web Apps Working with Website Layouts
Web Standards and W3C.ORG Working with Filters
Introduction of Stock Photography Advanced Effects
Types of Image Licenses Unit 10: Adobe Flash
Shape Tween and Motion Tween Introduction to Adobe Flash
Frame Animation Tools in Adobe Flash
Various Flash Effects Creating Flash Banners / Websites