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About Course

Certificate Course in Fashion designing aims to combine the creativity of artistic minds with technical proficiency. This one-year certificate course in fashion designing polishes the candidate’s skills related to design sense and conceptualization.

A coordinated approach towards imaginative and creative applications is provided through theoretical classes and practical training. Candidates are taught about colours, pattern making, compositions, cutting and everything that it takes to become an accomplished designer. Certificate Course in Fashion design also provides the candidates with a deep understanding of recent market trends and potential procedures to sail through it.

A certificate program allows candidates the opportunity to concentrate on a specific area of study over a shorter period of time than a degree program would allow. Rather than studying different subjects that may not pertain to a final career choice, a certificate program allows the candidates to concentrates on areas of study that will directly relate to his or her future jobs.

Certificate in fashion design is a post-secondary program designed to take candidates and convert them into fashion designers. Through the study of colour, fabric, sewing, technique and design, candidates learn the cornerstones of creating garments and offering them to clientele. Candidates in this field are very creative individuals looking to start their own brands or to work for high profile celebrities.

Semester I Semester II
Fashion Designing Fashion Illustration
Fashion Accessory Fashion Ornamentation
Textile science Product Specification
Pattern Making and Garment Construction Computer Aided Design
Fashion merchandising and management Fashion Marketing and Management